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FDA clears first-of-a-kind device for brain cancer

Device maker Novocure said Friday that the Food and Drug Administration approved its first-of-a-kind treatment that fights cancerous brain tumors using electrical energy fields. Full story

The debate: Do cellphones cause cancer?

   Dr.Siddhartha Mukherjee, cancer physician, and TODAY’s chief medical expert Dr. Nancy Snyderman talk about the latest work to prove there’s no link between cellphone radiation and brain cancer.

Brain tumor radiation tied to later infertility

Low doses of radiation therapy to the head, for brain tumors or some other cancers, might make it slightly harder for girls to have babies when they get older, a new study shows. Full story

Skating champ recounts cancer scare

   Figure skating champion Scott Hamilton, who battled testicular cancer, talks about his second brain tumor and the recent operation to remove it that saved his life.

Your allergies might protect against brain cancer

Finally, allergies may have an upside. People who are prone to the sniffles and sneezes they bring on could have a reduced risk of developing brain cancer, according to a new study. Full story

Study shows child brain tumor is really two cancers

* Study shows two different genes involved Full story

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NYT: A dying banker's last instructions

Laser Will Melt Your Brain (Tumor, That Is)

Magnets, sounds now used to combat brain tumors


  Rodeo girl wrangles with cancer — and wins!

At 5, Darcy Cassidy’s life was in jeopardy, with a grim diagnosis of a rare form of brain cancer. But with the help of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital she is getting back in the saddle.

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