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Ahead of Obama visit, glimmer of hope in one Indiana city

President Barack Obama will visit one of several auto plants which make transmissions for all of Chrysler's vehicles in Kokomo, Ind., where some residents say the federal bailout saved the local economy. Full story

Nonprofits learn to stretch a buck

Non-profit groups, which help fill the gaps in large public assistance programs, are swamped by need amid ongoing layoffs and foreclosures, while individual, foundation and corporate donations falter. Full story

Elkhart Project: Faces of the fair

   Click to see how we covered the Elkhart County Fair.

Obama has miles to go to keep all promises

If there were a scorecard for the promises President Barack Obama made a year ago in this struggling city in northern Indiana, he would probably get a C. Full story

A city's mixed feelings about Obama's impact

One year after President Obama thrust this hard-hit city into the national spotlight by using it as the launching pad for his economic stimulus proposal, doubts linger amid all the positive signs. Full story

Still Christmas cheer, amid a lot of hardship

In Elkhart County, Ind., hit hard by layoffs and home foreclosures, some wonder: Christmas cheer? What Christmas cheer? Yet, with a little looking, it still can be found out there. Full story

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Amid recession, meth menace evolves

In recession, pets go homeless in droves

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