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U.S. lawmakers seek foreign aid changes amid Egypt crisis

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Four U.S. lawmakers introduced legislation on Wednesday that would force more public disclosure about foreign aid programs, amid debate over whether to suspend the $1.5 billion that Washington sends to Egypt each year.Full story

Exposing the truth about terrorism, corruption, and war through fiction

  Journalist and best-selling author Alex Berenson talks about using fiction to expose the truth about things like terrorism, corruption, and war.

Britain's PM suggests using foreign aid cash for military

AMRITSAR, India (Reuters) - British Prime Minister David Cameron has raised the possibility of diverting hundreds of millions of pounds from foreign aid to defense and security. Full story

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Romney lays out vision for private sector-infused foreign aid


  US leaders react to ambassador's death

Former Sen. Blanche Lincoln and former Sen. John Sununu talk about the political reaction to the attack in Libya that killed the U.S. Ambassador Stevens.

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