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Report: Hurricanes pose risk to 1.8M costal homes

More than 1.8 million homes along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts are at great risk of being damaged by a hurricane, three times the number located in federally defined flood zones, according to a report released Tuesday. Full story

32 musk oxen freeze to death after Alaska storm

At least 32 musk oxen were found frozen in the ice on the northern coast of Alaska's Seward Peninsula after a tidal surge and flooding from a winter storm. Full story

Hurricane Earl is ‘near miss’ in N. Carolina

   With the eye of the downgraded category 2 hurricane 85 miles offshore, damage and flooding has been minimal. TODAY’s Al Roker and The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore report from N.C. and The Weather Channel’s Julie Martin reports from Ocean City, Md.

Roker on weakened Hurricane Earl

   NBC’s Al Roker joins The Rachel Maddow Show from Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina to describe the expected effects of Hurricane Earl.

Katrina survivor: Being alive is 'what counts'

   5 years ago, initial landfall for Hurricane Katrina was 80 miles south of New Orleans in Buras, Louisiana. A storm surge of 28 feet of water destroyed every building in this small town. Hear from Paul Gipson, who came back and rebuilt.

Why Louisiana's wetlands are important

   David Muth, chief of planning and resource stewardship for Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve and Professor Larry McKinney, executive director at the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies at Texas A&M in Corpus Christi, explain the importance of the Louisiana wetlands i

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  Wetlands are more than just pretty green nature

Rachel Maddow explains the importance of wetlands to the protection of the entire Gulf Coast region - wetlands that are already eroding at an alarming pace and are now drastically threatened by encroaching oil from the BP oil disaster.

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