• Second Chances : Dateline checks in with the brothers accused of killing their father in 2001
  • The Man Behind the Mask : Would Donna Palomba discover the identity of her masked rapist?
  • Mukhtar's Mission : Dateline joins New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof as he reports on one Pakistani woman's struggle for justice
  • Highway 50 : NBC’s Special Correspondent Tom Brokaw is traveling cross-country, 3,000 miles through 12 states, as part of a USA Network project. Travel with him to Cambridge, Md.
  • Debt Trap : Instead of accumulating wealth, many falling further behind on payments
  • Bad Chemistry : Amid a messy divorce, a man is murdered and found in a vat filled with acid
  • The Mystery in the Master Bedroom : Did a new bride drown in her tub, or did something more sinister occur?
  • The Michael Jackson Tapes : Taped talks between King of Pop, spiritual adviser released for first time
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