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  Sunday: A Mother's Story

Jackson’s mom says son feared for his life

Before Michael Jackson’s death, the singer told his mother that he feared someone wanted to kill him, Katherine Jackson told “Dateline NBC.” Full story

Michael Jackson's mother supports fan tribute

Michael Jackson's mother has given her blessing to a tribute concert that will mark the anniversary of the pop singer's death. Full story

Hoda Kotb

Hoda Kotb is co-anchor of the fourth hour of TODAY as well as a correspondent for “Dateline NBC.” Full story

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NBC News networks devote day to immigration issues

Kate Snow

What Were You Thinking?

Read an NBC News statement on 'America Now'

City of Heartbreak and Hope: Viewer responses

Organizations featured in America Now

Friday on Dateline NBC

The Secret Life of Michael Jackson

Heroes of Children's Hospital

Read Blue Shield of California's statement


  Next Sunday: Engel on ‘A Father's Mission’

A one-on-one preview with Richard Engel about the Dateline documentary on the story of Chosen Company, an Army platoon who in the Summer of 2008. They lost their lives defending a tiny outpost in Eastern Afghanistan. Their families, led by one of the fathers, pressed the army for more answers into w