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    >> i can do.

    >>> new details in the case of a newborn baby boy snatched from his tennessee home. child welfare took the baby and three siblings away from their mother after accusations were levelled that the relative tried to sell the baby. child welfare just released a statement that all four children are no longer in welfare custody. police have ruled the parents out as persons of interest in their investigation. let's go to nbc's ron mott following developments for us.

    >> reporter: hey there, contessa. seems that this week-long nightmare for this mother and her family may be over today. we presume that the kids have been returned to the family at this point. the only thing officials are essentially confirms that the children have been released from state custody at this point. this all centered friday night into saturday morning. apaurntly the authorities got some information from someone, we still don't know who it is, that said that this mother and perhaps the baby's father were trying to sell this infant. obviously the state took that pretty seriously because they took all the children out of the home after this young infant was discovered down in alabama. and so we believe now that everybody has been returned back to the family. it's been a tough week for this mother. she and the baby's father have been cleared by authorities at this time for having anything to do with selling an infant.

    >> do they think the abduction was related to the family in any way?

    >> reporter: they don't know. what we do know is that this 39-year-old suspect is in federal custody in alabama. we're expecting the magistrate to sign some paper work that will allow the feds to transfer her back to tennessee to hear these charges pending against her. we at this point are left to assume that this was a random act, that somehow she went to the airport there in natchville, rented a car, followed this woman to a walmart, followed her home and made the attack. one thing i should point out, she went to the house posing as an immigration agent, according to authorities. went to her car, came back with some zip ties . she apparently was going to tie the mother up. instead stabbed her eight times, pretty serious wounds. when the mother left to get help from a neighbor is when the baby was taken and the woman sped off down the street.

updated 10/6/2009 4:20:27 PM ET 2009-10-06T20:20:27

A mother will be reunited with her newborn son after losing him twice, first to a kidnapper and then to state custody after someone claimed a family member had tried to sell him.

Yair Anthony Carillo is no longer in state custody and authorities do not believe parents Maria Gurrolla and Jose Carillo were involved in the abduction, the Department of Children's Services and the Nashville police said Tuesday.

Maria Gurrolla lost custody of Yair and his three siblings after the baby was found safe in Alabama. Two officials familiar with the case, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the state took the children after someone claimed a family member had tried to sell the baby.

Thomas Miller, an attorney appointed to represent the children, told The Associated Press that police informed child welfare officials Tuesday they had "cleared the parents of any wrongdoing."

"The kids will be returned as soon as logistically possible," Miller said.

Gurrolla and Carillo could not immediately be located for comment.

Ala. woman charged
The baby was found Friday, three days after he was abducted during a Sept. 29 knife attack on his mother in her home. Gurrolla was briefly reunited with the infant Saturday before Children's Services put him and his siblings, ages 3, 9 and 11, in foster care for their safety. Department officials have declined to be more specific, citing privacy concerns for the family.

Tammy Renee Silas, 39, of Ardmore, Ala., was charged with kidnapping after authorities said they found the baby at her home about 80 miles south of Nashville.

Silas has not been charged in the attack on Gurrolla, who was stabbed several times and suffered a collapsed lung.

The police statement says "significant unanswered questions remain" in the case, including why Gurrolla and her infant were targeted.

Image: Maria Gurrolla
Mark Humphrey  /  AP
Maria Gurrolla, seen here last Wednesday at a hospital press conference in Nashville, was stabbed several times when her newborn was kidnapped.
Gurrolla told investigators that after she was stabbed, the abductor made a phone call and said in Spanish "The job is done" and that the mother "was dying," according to the criminal complaint against Silas.

No motive released
Silas, who remained in custody Tuesday, waived an initial hearing and has not yet appeared in court. She has given a statement to investigators, according to Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Kristin Helm, who declined to detail what she said.

Gurrolla told investigators she had never seen the woman who stabbed her. According to the arrest warrant, Gurrolla was targeted while she and a cousin, identified only as "JS," were running errands and visiting a state food assistance office.

A car that police said Silas rented was seen on a surveillance video following Gurrolla before the attack, and the car rental information led police to her home.

Police have not released a motive, but Silas' live-in boyfriend, Martin Rodriguez, told The Associated Press that she said she could not have children and wanted to adopt a child from a relative in Texas who was going to jail.

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