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    announcer: meeting." want to take a moment to explain a phrase i've been using throughout the week. i started it actually on sunday night on the radio. it's corporate communism and i've been using it in two specific instances. first, with headlight insurers who use the government to protect themselves from real competition. we're watching this play out in front of us. you probably know this. if you don't, they are the only american business along with major league baseball that is exempt from the sherman antitrust act and they have major lobbies in washington preventing any form of choice and we saw what happened to senator wyden's effort to create choice for everybody on the exchanges. then the banking industry . the beneficiaries of ongoing 24 trillion dollar taxpayer funded bailout that supports the entire system. 24 trillion dollars. not that we may not some of it back we may get a lot of it back but that is national capital sucked into a broken banking system at the expense of the rest of our country. they continue to use too big to fail as blackmail to the taxpayer to get them or us to provide them with our tax money. my phrase corporate communism i know makes some people uncomfortable. some people argue it's an easy insult but let's be very clear. i use it with very specific meaning. it is a system that takes resources from the citizenry and redistributes it to a tiny elite. i use the phrase corporate communism because i cannot find an other way to more actively convey what is happening in our nation today, that a handful of weak, uncompetitive, outdated companies and industries are purchasing control of the american political system in order to stay in business using their cronyism. it is coming at the direct expense of the rest of us in this nation and is a total betrayal of everything that represents america. let's bring in mark ames , editor of "compiled" eight reasons to hate our millionaire bulvheviks. you spent eight years in russia?

    >> yeah.

    >> watching their economic system make its transition. very briefly. we have a lot of ground to cover. why is communism as an economic model a meaning, a model where there is no competition, there is no choice, laziness and weakness is rewarded through, again, either the use of character assassination or intellectual property theft. why is that a problem?

    >> first of all, you start -- you have an economy that creates things that nobody wants or needs, but the economy sucks, you know, all of the resources out for these things that nobody needs. for example, volga cars are produced even today and chokes off any innovation in the rest of the economy so now they have to import everything. you know, that's the problem here. i mean, to paraphrase what we're getting here is all men are created equal , but handful of men are created 24 trillion dollars more equal than the rest of us. the problem is it's going to -- it's going to turn this country into a second-rate country and unless we get back to our values again, we're going to turn into something more like dr more like what russia saw, a small handful of billionaires and elites sucking off and parasiting off the rest of the country and just soaking it for all its worth and looking for all its worth.

    >> you wrote about a couple of the most notable parasites, united health care ceo bill mcgwire, they say health care is not profitable? not for some but certainly for bill. maybe not on for shareholders sometimes but bill made $15 million as a bonus. sounds like a lot of money except for the fact he bonused himself more than $1 billion personally running a health insurance in stock options .

    >> on the one hand you have 45 million americans dying a year for lack of health insurance and on the other hand you have this guy, on top of it, he back dated his stock options .

    >> which means rigging the stock options so they are guaranteed to be worth money.

    >> rigging the system so you always win and take everything for yourself and there is never enough for the rest of the people and there is never enough frankly for the rest of the economy. i mean, i would think that, you know, whole american economy is not health insurance and finance industry . there are a lot of other parts that are much more productive and innovative.

    >> and forced to compete tooth-to-nail from one day to the next.

    >> yeah. the problem is i don't think silicon valley , i don't think they are quite as -- they toof their tentacles in the government in washington, you know, quite as deeply and such dark horrible level. manipulative level as the finance industry and health industry so they are getting choked off and we may not have the world's best high-tech industry in five to ten years because there is not any resources for it.

    >> and you talk venture capitalism and all of this is happening --

    >> in the economy.

    >> unless you can print lots of it. thank you, mark.

By Dylan Ratigan Host, 'The Dylan Ratigan Show,' 4 p.m. ET on msnbc

Lately I have been using the phrase "Corporate Communism" on my television show. I think it is an especially fitting term when discussing the current landscape in both our banking and health care systems.

As Americans, I believe we reject communism because it historically has allowed a tiny group of people to consolidate complete control over national resources (including people), in the process stifling competition, freedom and choice. It leaves its citizens stagnating under the perpetual broken systems with no natural motivation to innovate, improve services or reduce costs.

Lack of choice, lazy, unresponsive customer service, a culture of exploitation and a small powerbase formed by cronyism and nepotism are the hallmarks of a communist system that steals from its citizenry and a major reason why America spent half a century fighting a Cold War with the U.S.S.R.

And yet today we find ourselves as a country in two distinctly different categories: those who are forced to compete tooth and nail each day to provide value to society in return for income for ourselves and our families and those who would instead use our lawmaking apparatus to help themselves to our tax money and/or to protect themselves from true competition.

If you allow weak, outdated players to take control of the government and change the rules so they are protected from the natural competition and reward systems that have created so many innovations in our country, you not only steal from the citizens on behalf of the least worthy but you also doom them by trapping the capital that would be used to generate new innovation and, most tangibly in our current situation, jobs.

We are losing the opportunity cost of all the great ideas that should be coming from the proper deployment of that 23.7 trillion in capital. Everything from innovation in medical delivery systems to accessible space travel, free energy to the driverless car; all of these things may never come to bear because those powerful individuals who have failed, been passed over by technological advancements, innovation and flat-out smarts, have commandeered our government to unfairly sustain their wealth and power.

Unfortunately, they use our wealth and laws not only to benefit their outdated, failed companies, but also spend a small pittance of their ill-gotten gains lobbying and favor-trading with politicians so the government will continue to protect them from competition and their well-deserved failure.

The massive spike in unemployment, the utter destruction of retirement wealth, the collapse in the value of our homes, the worst recession since the Great Depression have all resulted directly from the abdication of proper government.

Even with all that — the only changes that have been made, have been made to prop up and hide the massive flaws on behalf of those who perpetuated them. Still utterly nothing has been done to disclose the flaws in this system, improve it or rebuild it. Only true rules-based capitalism ensures constant adaptation and implementation of the latest and best practices for a given business, as those businesses that don't adapt fail, and those who deploy the latest innovations to their customers benefit, prosper.

The concept of communism is rightly reviled in this country for the simple reason that it is blind to human nature, allowing a small group of individuals near-total control, while sticking everyone else with the same crappy systems — and the bill. America spent countless lives and half a century fighting against this system of government. So why are we standing for it now?

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