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    >>> new developments in the trial of american student amanda knox . knox has been trial in italy . she's been in prison since 2007 . knox and her former boyfriend accused of sexually assaulting and killing her former roommate. where are we now in the phase of the trial?

    >> reporter: incredibly after all this time, more than nine months, 42 court sessions, we had a wrap last night with the judge denying defense request to recall evidence and call in a special forensic investigator to go over all the dna evidence produced by the defense and prosecution. wildly contradictory evidence leaving many people confused about what, nfc, is the truth behind this case in terms of the dna. anyways, the judge said no, there will be no special investigator. the case is now over. he then turned to the prosecution and said they have until november 20th to present their final arguments. they will be followed by the defense. so we're expecting incredibly almost 11 months after this trial started to reach a verdict probably in the first week of december. our good colleague left the hold early today and said this maybe one of the longest running trials in italy . he may be correct on that.

    >> and understatement. certainly has been a long trial. is there any word how amanda is doing herself?

    >> her uncle is in town looking after her. he gets to see her once a week. she's holding up pretty well. she's been taking a correspondence course in german and literature. apparently she's gotten into the routine, obviously very frustrated at spending almost two years -- in fact, by the time we get the verdict in early december, she will have spent more than two years behind bars without knowing her fate. so the verdict, of course, she's anticipating a not guilty plea. that's what she's said. she's executiving that to be the result.

    >> keith miller , live in italy . keith, thank you.

    >>> to washington and a three-hour

updated 10/9/2009 5:44:58 PM ET 2009-10-09T21:44:58

An Italian court hearing the murder trial of an American student and her former Italian boyfriend on Friday rejected last-ditch defense bids for new tests on evidence, including a knife that prosecutors say could be the murder weapon, lawyers said.

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito have denied killing Knox's British roommate, Meredith Kercher, in 2007 while the defendants were students in the university town of Perugia.

One of Knox's attorneys, Luciano Ghirga, said that the court, after turning down the defense requests, set the next session for Nov. 20, when prosecutors will begin final arguments, scheduled to last two days.

Ghirga didn't comment on the court's refusal, but another lawyer, Francesco Maresca, who is representing Kercher's family, said the court ruled there was no need for more tests.

Witness testimony ended last month.

Italian news reports said the defense had also requested more tests to confirm the exact time of Kercher's death.

Slideshow: A murder in Italy No court sessions will be held until Nov. 20 to allow both sides to prepare their final arguments, Maresca said.

Bloody knife
Kercher's body was found in her bedroom in Perugia on Nov. 2, 2007. She was 21 years old.

Prosecutors say Kercher was killed the night before during a sex game with Knox, Sollecito and a third man, Rudy Hermann Guede, who was convicted of the murder in a separate trial last year and sentenced to 30 years.

According to the prosecutors, Sollecito, now 25, held Kercher by the shoulders while Knox, now 21, touched her with a knife. They say Guede tried to sexually assault Kercher and then Knox fatally stabbed her in the throat.

The defense contends DNA on the knife could be contaminated.

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