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    >> later this morning about afghanistan.

    >>> now, to london . secretary of state hillary clinton is there today reacting to new fears about pakistan 's nuclear arsenal and whether it's safe from terrorists. this after yesterday's daring attempt on pakistan 's army headquarters but secretary clinton says pakistan nuclear weapons are not at risk.

    >> we have confidence in the pakistani government and military's control over nuclear weapons . the recent attack that went right at a military installation is another reminder that the extremists in pakistan , whatever their titles or whatever their affiliation are increasingly threatening the authority of the state.

    >> nbc tom aspell is in london with the latest. tom, what else is secretary clinton saying in london ?

    >> she also says no evidence that the attackers on saturday were in no way on the edge of taking over the pakistani state. she also warned that the united states would not wait indefinitely for iran to live up to its international obligations regarding its nuclear program . a six-power meeting in iran with geneva next week must be followed by action. the u.s. and its allies fear that tehran wants to build a nuclear bomb . iran denies it. secretary clinton met with prime minister gordon brown outside of london this morning and she was scheduled to stop in ireland on her way back to washington. monica?

    >> how else does secretary clinton plan to keep the pressure on iran in the coming weeks?

    >> she will return to moscow some time later in the upcoming week and also pressuring iran to come clean about its nuclear energy program. monica?

    >> tom aspell live in london , thank you.

    >>> the u.s. military says the

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