Image: Snowflakes coat pumpkins
Bill Sikes  /  AP
Snowflakes coat pumpkins on a wagon at Hanson's Farm on Friday during an early fall snowfall in Framingham, Mass.
updated 10/16/2009 9:54:31 PM ET 2009-10-17T01:54:31

An autumn storm brought snow to parts of Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey, the earliest snow on record in some towns used to harsh winters.

Cornell University weather scientists say the snow that started Thursday set records for the earliest date with an inch of snow in Binghamton, Ithaca and Olean in New York and Altoona and State College in Pennsylvania.

The National Weather Service says there's 4.5 inches of snow in State College, Pa., and 2 more inches are possible through Saturday morning.

Port Allegany in northwestern Pennsylvania and Perrysburg in western New York both got more than 3 inches of snow. Most areas east of Lake Erie and parts of northwestern New Jersey got 2 inches or less.

Many other places got only rain.

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Video: Northeast braces for early winter

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    >>> southern afghanistan.

    >>> here at home, back-to-back brutal autumn storms are causing conditions more like winter in parts of the northeast. the weather channel 's mike seidel is in state college , pennsylvania tonight. mike?

    >> reporter: good evening, david . this evening in state college scenes across neighborhoods like this. trees have been knocked down by a heavy, wet, early season snowfall. the earliest snowfall they've seen here in state college , five to eight inches. take a look at the pictures. pretty pictures for maybe december or january but not mid october. heavy snow, wet snow sticking to limbs, bringing trees down on power lines . and something you hate to see, you really hate to see in october is the snow plow . they were out today. electricity, power knocked out to 20% of the residents in this county. meanwhile, over in spartan, new jersey they were rolling snowmen and snowballs today. unusual for october in new jersey. and you can still see the green grass below the snow. in burlington, connecticut it's not even halloween, but the snow accumulating on the pumpkins and the mums. snowball fight , another rare sight in october in connecticut. meanwhile, over the weekend storms roll up the east coast . wind and rain hammer boston, new york, and philadelphia. more flight delays. back in the mountains here in pennsylvania, parts of new york, more snow will accumulate. wet, heavy snow. and david , down in florida the first cold front of the season, goosebumps in miami. temperatures falling to the 50s. tampa falls into the upper 40s on saturday, on sunday morning, and back here in state college it's homecoming weekend, likely to be a homecoming weekend that they won't see weatherwise in a long, long time. david ?

    >> it all seems a bit early np mike seidel in


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