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Video: Public option hanging in the balance

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    >> thank you.

    >>> it's another big week in the battle over health care reform with the fate of the public option and the final senate version of the bill hanging in the balance . we're at the white house with the latest. hi, mike.

    >> reporter: top white house aides head to the capitol for closed door meetings on health care to bring different factions of the democratic party together. white house advisers took to the air waves today trying to build momentum for health care reform , after mr. obama vowed to press on with the fight.

    >> i'm not tired. i'm just getting started.

    >> reporter: but much of that fight is now within the president's own party.

    >> i think the public option makes the most sense.

    >> reporter: an argument over a government-run plan favored by urban liberal democrats and opposed by party moderates from rural areas.

    >> i will not support any public option tied to medicare levels of reimbursement.

    >> reporter: without the centrist most believe a public option cannot pass the senate, and today top presidential aides signaled in the end it may be the left that loses this battle.

    >> he's pushed for it certainly, but he's realistic to say we have to look at all options.

    >> reporter: leaders reason that a democratic rank and file will see there's simply too much at stake and ultimately go along with the president.

    >> i believe that there is a fundamental belief on the hill at this time that we can't fail now. we've come this far, the country wants us to act.

    >> reporter: now mr. obama faces more friendly fire after a key committee passed a plan to pay for reform with a tax on high-cost policies, major unions, normally obama allies took out full page newspaper ads complaining that the tax will hit labor hardest and vowing without changes they say we will oppose it. and late last night opposition from a more familiar foe. sarah palin posting on her facebook page and echoing insurance industry claims saying the latest plans will mean higher premiums. after being blindsided by insurance industry attacks, the president hit back.

    >> it's smoke and mirrors . it's bogus and all too familiar.

    >> reporter: lester, another pressing concern here at the white house is, of course, afghanistan with top aides saying today a decision on a new strategy is at least two weeks away. lester.

    >> thank you.


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