The war in Iraq, media bias and Rush Limbaugh are among today’s topics.

Am I the only one who has noticed that all the donors to help rebuild Iraq all presently receive U.S. foreign aid? And what would you like to bet that next year’s foreign aid to them increases by at least the amount they pledged or more?
Arthur G. Kirchheimer
St. Petersburg Beach, FL

We all hear about how many American’s are killed daily, but can you give us a count on how many Iraqi’s have died? I think the world would be appalled at the number of civilians & others killed since Bush went on his killing spree since the beginning of the conflict. Please give us some details in a story on the news. Thanks.
Alan Batson
Shelter Island, NY.

Dear MSNBC: I watched your Operation Iraqi Freedom with a keen eye and a warmed heart; I am a career Army officer’s wife and the mother of a recently commissioned female officer. Many friends are leading the soldiers and many more friends’ children are soldiers, for our family this is a very personal war. Your war coverage was second to none and brought the faces of our service members to the Americans watching. I haven’t been watching regularly but have noticed this feature is not part of the evening line up. Why did you stop? Our service members haven’t stopped serving. If your coverage was needed at anytime during this campaign its needed now, when the questions of why are we there and for how long loom in everyone’s mind. Please consider returning this feature to your primetime spots and periodically throughout the day - remind Americans that whether they agree or disagree with our leaders on military policies, service members serve regardless, in an apolitical fashion. Don’t desert them in the deserts and dangerous streets, just reporting on the ambushes and the deaths. Our service members are in harms’ way and doing it in admirable fashion. Bring them home to their loved ones via your channel and back to the forefront of the collective American heart.
Pamela M. Jaccard

I see that Chris Matthews is having Bill Bennett on to whine about the “liberal media” kicking Rush when he’s down. Who more deserves to be kicked than someone who had no sympathy for others with the same or similar problems? The bottom line is that Rush broke the law, broke it every time he bought drugs, all the while treating with contempt any arguments that people with drug problems need help more than punishment. And who better to stick up for Rush than Mr. Virtue himself. Were the casinos closed? It is not the failings of Rush or Bill that bring down such rancor from us “liberals”, it is their hypocrisy that grates so badly.
Bill Croghan
Lisbon, Iowa


As usual, MSN news is blatantly biased. The real news is that Israel is continuing to build in the West Bank unabated, and that atrocities are committed daily against the Palestinians. But MSN news only reports violence against Israelis.

If the settlers would get out of the West Bank, there would be no violence against them. They steal Palestinian land, destroy their olive groves, close their schools, restrict water usage while filling their swimming pools, and then expect the Palestinians to not respond? Reporting as such on MSN has contributed to the low rating of journalism by the international journalist’s organization. Shame on you!
Marci Nelson

Dear Today Show,

I have been a dedicated Today Show watcher for years. I always turn the Today Show on when I know there is special news coverage. I respect Katie Couric and Matt Lauer and I enjoy the other members of the morning crew.

I feel the Today Show made an error in judgment by airing a segment about Pamela Anderson. She is one fine example of why young women feel as they do today. So many young girls think they have to expose their bodies and have surgery to alter their bodies. The world places great pressures on women. They are constantly barraged with ways to make them look good on the outside.Many young girls think that if they aren’t beautiful they have no self worth. Pamela Anderson is nothing but an ex- Playboy porn queen. .... In the Matt Lauer interview, Pamela was embarrassed when her son asked her if she was Pamela Anderson. She must not be proud of who she is if she doesn’t want her own son to know who she really is. Then to ask Matt if he had ever videotaped making love to his wife. That is what it is isn’t it? ...

Ask Katie if she considers Pamela a good role model for her two girls?? I have great admiration for stars like Renee Zellwegger and Julia Roberts .They don’t expose themselves on the big screen and yet they are stars.

I hope in the future, the Today Show doesn’t promote women like Pamela Anderson.
Valerie Ross
Washington WV


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