Submitted by Simon Amir
Jamie and Simon Amir
Submitted by Karen Cassel
Karen Marschner-Cassel and Sharon Marschner-Williams
Submitted by Abigail Batton
Twins having a porch party.

Submitted by Debbie Bedard
Twins Dianne, left, and Debbie

Submitted by Rachel Fisher
Newhope, PA

Submitted by Marie Frawley
This photo was taken at the nike campus in Beaverton Oregon. My sister and I haven't lived together in a very long time now. She and her family live in Oregon, and my family and I live in California. We miss each other and talk on the phone or on webcam online several times a day.

Submitted by Dana Hales
57 identical years

Submitted by Sally Michelena
Not the same, but close enough to confuse people!

Submitted by Jenna Stimson
C:\Users\janna\Pictures\jan 2.jpg

Submitted by Janet Stone
The girls like to pack a "picnic" and then hide in the corner and play.

Submitted by Anna Weems
just goofing around Jenna on the left and myself on the right

Submitted by Anonymous
This is from our 5th birthday. It is after Christmas. December 31. Mamma says we are New Years babies.

Submitted by shelby suelzle
Do we look like twins?
Submitted by Jamie Mitchell
My 15 year old twins are best friends. Everyone said, "watch out when they become teenagers!" They are growing into beautiful, and sweet young adults.


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