Submitted by Michael Czerepka
I can't wait to be FREE of my braces!
Submitted by Michelle Henry
My grandmother and I on my 2009 visit back to Georgia.
Submitted by Sara Marcusson
Camping @ Davis Lake, CA
Submitted by Emeline Post
Even doing my hair nice ceases to capture the true star of this picture.
Submitted by Anonymous
The Mommy with Metal
Submitted by Anonymous

Submitted by Pamela Winegrad
Sabreena, age 9

Submitted by Anonymous
Me at 29 with braces. I wore them for 18months. My teeth are fabulous now and it was well worth the pain and money!

Submitted by Melissa Borchardt
Mom and Daughter both in braces at the same time. Fun stuff!

Submitted by Laura Jollay
Tailgating with my best at a college football game. Clear braces aren't slowing me down!
Submitted by Anonymous
12 years old with braces....but I wear them so well!!
Submitted by Anonymous
Lauren - Age 9 Just a couple more months to go!

Submitted by Anonymous
My braces don't keep me from smiling! (Reiley - Age 13)

Submitted by Anonymous
Marriage Proposal July 2000 in the Orthodontist's office. We met each other because we were both wearing braces, found out we had the same orthodontist, so I thought it fitting to propose to her at the orthodontist's office.

Submitted by Elizabeth Roslewski
Photo taken 10/18/09 ~ braces removed two days later after wearing for 2 1/4 years ~ just in time for my 63rd Birthday Nov. 10th! For dinner that evening I totally enjoyed two whole ears of corn on the cob!
Submitted by Caitlin Buchanan
When I very first got my braces.

Submitted by Kayla Allen
Ive had these braces on since i was a freshman in high school now I am a freshman in college! I have about another year to go :)

Submitted by Valencia Staton
Letting my Smile shine braces or not!!

Submitted by Anonymous
I've had my braces for a year now, and I love them! I enjoy going to the dentist every month and seeing my how quickly my teeth have progressed, and getting new colored rubber bands...even though it's been a tough journey! I love smiling and showing them off, because I know that soon my teeth will be healthier and looking great!

Submitted by Anonymous
Braces are C**L at our house!


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