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Submitted by Anonymous
Slammed by a hurricane in San Antonio . . . the alcoholic variety. Is that Barney Fife?
Submitted by Anonymous
Slipped on a slick bridge on day two of a seven day Ireland trip.
Submitted by Patrick Kelly
Is it too much to ask to have one nice picture from a once-in-a-lifetime vacation? I guess so...
Submitted by Amy Langenfeld
While visiting the Mayan Ruins in Tikal, Gatemala, we spotted this fellow tourist. Not sure if it was jungle fever that made this woman choose this outfit, but it sure did catch our attention!

Submitted by Anonymous
These are my children at Canyonlands National Park in Utah. They look like they are in pain, and my daughter appears to be scratching her behind.. talk about memories!
Submitted by Anonymous
We wanted a nice picture of us together at the Grand Canyon. June 2009.
Submitted by Elaine Rongers
Wow, just for us? "entirely for your own risk" yikes!
Submitted by jodi russell
Happy hour in Cancun during the swine flu outbreak, May 2009.

Submitted by Anonymous
Ran into gas station restroom and instead of toilet was this!!!
Submitted by Anonymous
saggy bikini bottom while walking on the beach

Submitted by Anonymous
My husband Don fell on BART in San Francisco and rode the escalator down face first...when he reached the bottom - people where jumping off over the sides until someone pushed the OFF button. He was rushed to the hospital, thankfully he suffered only cuts and bruises. We rode the streets of San Francisco in an ambulance - COOL! And we met some nice people.
Submitted by Anonymous
Our last night in Rome, we were staying in a monastery. My husband split open his head on a casement window - good thing one of the friends we were traveling with was a veterinarian!
Submitted by Violet Espinosa
My boyfriend had 1 too many beers!
Submitted by robyn gevas
worst sunburn ever
Submitted by Freida Grossman
In a little one horse town in mid-Montana the only visitor to the Bank/Bar was a lone little doggie.
Submitted by Anonymous
My freshly sunscreened 2-year-old laid in the sand and got more than he expected.
Submitted by Jorge Ortiz
The Old Man and the 'Geek'
Submitted by Anonymous
This was taken in Bear Country USA, South Dakota. Having to drive behind a car that took its good ol' time, there wasn't many options as to what we could take pictures of. We ended up taking a lot of pictures of animal butts......
Submitted by Anonymous
Smoking cigars and drinking rum cream on resort deck in Grand Cayman.


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