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UK to pay victims over 1972 Bloody Sunday massacre

Britain said Thursday it will offer compensation payments to the families of people killed and wounded on Bloody Sunday, a nearly 40-year-old massacre by British paratroopers in Northern Ireland that fueled Irish Catholic support for the IRA.Full story

Rebels bombarded by Gadhafi forces

  Moammar Gadhafi's forces and rebel fighters waged a bloody battle Saturday, reportedly resulting in multiple deaths among anti-Gadhafi rebels. NBC's Sohel Uddin reports.

Soldier fighting in Afghanistan fired by e-mail

Britain's military has apologized for using e-mails to tell several dozen long-serving soldiers that they were being laid off. Full story

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  Cables reveal criticism of Britain’s Afghan tactics

A portion of the nation’s 2009 campaign is coming under scrutiny after leaked diplomatic cables reveal harsh criticism from both the U.S. and Afghanistan. ITN's Chris Ship explores the accusation that British troops were "not up to the task."

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