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Speeders have Lowcountry man fearing for his life

Arnie Borowsky has had enough.  The Willliamsburg County man lives on Santee Rd. with his wife and five children but are dealing with  something he considers a major problem:  speeding.Full story

Nation’s fastest road opens in Texas

  With a speed limit of 85 mph, the 41-mile stretch of toll road between Austin and San Antonio could be the beginning of an autobahn concept in the U.S. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports.

Step on it in Texas: 85 MHP highway opens

  The final 41-mile stretch of Texas Highway 130 opens between Austin and San Antonio and the speed limit will be 85 mph. NBC's Jay Gray reports.

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  Texas to open highway with 85 mph speed limit

The first 85-mile an hour speed limit signs are going up on a stretch of Route 130 outside of Austin, Texas. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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