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US states reassess marijuana laws after warnings

Several U.S. states have started reassessing their medical marijuana laws after stern warnings from the federal government that everyone from licensed growers to regulators could be subjected to prosecution. Full story

Colorado Senate gets to pot bill after fed warning

Colorado lawmakers are taking up marijuana regulation proposals for the first time since receiving a federal warning about state pot laws. Full story

Timeline: Recent major plots and arrests in Germany

Three suspected al Qaeda members were planning a bomb attack in Germany when they were arrested by police, federal prosecutors said on Saturday. Full story

Washington governor vetoes medical pot licensing bill

Washington's governor on Friday vetoed most provisions of bill to establish state licensing for cultivation and distribution of medical marijuana, saying she did not want to put state employees at risk of federal prosecution. Full story

Agents raid Wash. medical marijuana dispensaries

Federal agents are raiding several medical marijuana dispensaries in Spokane, following a warning from the top federal prosecutor there that such operations are illegal. Full story

Ex NH doc says warnings went unheeded for years

A former Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center doctor who blew the whistle on improper billing of federal health programs by the New Hampshire hospital says his warnings about the problem went unheeded for six years before he filed a complaint with Vermont's top federal prosecutor. Full story

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German suspected of supporting terror

AP Exclusive: Feds examining Calif explosion

Colo. latest pot state to receive federal warning

Jury to consider Rajaratnam trading case

Gilley seeks release from AL jail until sentencing

Alaska cop found to be illegal immigrant: prosecutors

Norton agrees to settlement in billing case

2nd man charged in Somali pirate attack on ship

US attorney's office investigating Chipotle

Government opposes new trial in 9 Ohio fire deaths


  Prosecuting a modern-day slave trader

A federal judge in Atlanta on March 24 sentenced Amador Cortes-Meza to 40 years in prison for running a human trafficking network. He was accused of smuggling girls as young as 14 into the United States from Mexico, then forcing them to work as prostitutes.  NBC News Investigations spoke with the in

  Rajaratnam Goes to Trial

Legal experts weigh in on whether it will hurt or help Raj Rajaratnam if he decides to testify, with Jay Fahy, former federal prosecutor, Fahy and Choi; David Rosenfield, Herrick Feinstein and CNBC's Scott Cohn.

  SEC Insider Trading Charges

Discussing the provocative issue of whether insider trading should be legalized, with John Tamny, Forbes Opinions and RealClearMarkets and John Carney, senior editor and Joe Tacopina, former federal prosecutor.

  Portrait of Ore. bomb suspect emerges

While federal prosecutors say they have defused the tree lighting terror plot, the local Muslim community is hoping to defuse tensions. NBC’s Jim Forman reports.

  Wall Street Witch Hunt

Are insider trading laws too tough? Jay Fahy, a former federal prosecutor, and Jason D'Angelo, a defense-side securities litigator, discuss.

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Ayman Al-Zawahiri
Ayman Al-Zawahiri

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This undated photo obtained 02 October 2001 from the office of the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York shows Saudi-born millionaire Osama Bin Laden

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