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Americans 45 and older are new voting-age majority

For the first time, Americans 45 and older make up a majority of the voting-age population, giving older Americans wider influence in elections as the U.S. stands divided over curtailing Medicare and other benefits for seniors. Full story

Listen up! Advice to newlyweds

   In honor of the royal wedding, a group of married couples assembles to offer wisdom they’ve gained from personal experience with newlyweds.

Mont. judge rejects rights for gay couples

A Montana judge on Thursday rejected a lawsuit that sought to extend to gay couples the same legal protections as married couples. Full story

Same-sex immigration bill proposed in Senate

   Legislation that would give same-sex couples the same immigration rights as heterosexual couples is making its way through the Senate.’s Glenn Greenwald, an American who moved to Brazil to be with his partner, discusses the bill with msnbc’s Thomas Roberts.

Digital Life: Anti-gay Facebook page hacked by its own administrator

Who says people don't change?After five years of writing anti-gay blogs, making anti-gay YouTube videos and going on the National Organization for Marriage's "Summer of Marriage," NOM Facebook administrator Louis Marinelli deleted the organization's Facebook page, taking all 29 … Full story

Contraception error fixed in Catholic book

The Italian publisher of a new book on Catholic Church teaching fixed a translation error that implied the Vatican approved of contraception with an insert Wednesday that stresses traditional church teaching on sex. Full story

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Young, married, childless UK couples seen happiest

Family finance: Fibs could mean big trouble

Government to face first suit on surnames

Marriage Mellows Men, Study Shows

Study: Your happiness is hitched to your spouse

Marriage & Money: My, How Things Have Changed!

Legal patchwork means gays pay more for less


  Some same-sex couples refuse to file separate taxes

Married same-sex couples must file their taxes separately, since the federal government does not recognize their unions. However, some are refusing to do so, saying it's a lie and a hypocrisy. Tara Siegel Bernard, of the NY Times, and msnbc's Thomas Roberts discuss.