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  Credit industry under scrutiny

Cracking down on fraud

  Nov. 17: Top government officials are planning to announce the creation of a task force to discover and weed out financial fraud. A Morning Meeting panel discusses

Low Interest Rate Investing

  David Shepherd, of Retirement Financial Services, and Carlos Lowenberg, of Lowenberg Wealth Management, share their best investing plays for a low interest rate environment.

Focus on the Fed

  The Fed maintains its pledge to keep interest rates low for an extended period, while saying economic activity is improving. Jim Caron, head of interest rate strategy at Morgan Stanley, shares his insight.

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  Cracking down on credit card companies

Nov. 4: Playbook: Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., talks about the reform bill designed to protect consumers from surprise fees and sudden interest rate hikes by credit card companies.

  Fed leaves interest rates at record low

Sept. 23: Federal Reserve policymakers left a key interest rate at a record low. CNBC's Mary Thompson reports.

  Consumers say credit cards 'deceptive'

July 21: Since the President signed a new law to crack down on credit cards abuses two months ago, the big credit card companies--Chase, Bank of America, and to a lesser extent Citibank--have raised costs for consumers. The interest rate on Linda and Jay Gallagher's credit card bill nearly doubled t

  Some creditors tracking thrift store spending

July 9: Using a credit card at a thrift store could cause your credit limit to change, interest rate to be hiked and credit score reduced. WESH's Greg Fox reports.

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