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Italian unions call general strike

Travelers in Italy will face delays during a general strike called to protest the impact on workers of the economic crisis. Full story

Bulgarians protest over economy

Hundreds of Bulgarians urged the government to resign Sunday over its failure to cope with the economic crisis in the European Union's poorest country at a protest in capital Sofia. Full story

Britain faces its own economic crisis

   Msnbc’s Martin Bashir compares the economies of the U.K. and U.S.

Greece hopes for tourism rebound amid crisis

There are bargains on everything from restaurants and hotels to souvenirs, if visitors are willing to step into the heart of the recession. Full story

Portugal's big names urge consensus as aid readied

Nearly 50 important Portuguese figures, including veteran politicians and business leaders, urged rival parties Saturday to agree an urgent action plan to lead the country out of political and economic crisis. Full story

Sudan central bank governor resigns ahead of secession

Sudan's central bank governor Sabir Mohammad al-Hassan has resigned, the bank said on Sunday, four months ahead of the secession of its oil-producing south. Full story

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Oil over $100 in '11 may trigger '08 repeat: IEA

Poverty reduction falls victim to crisis: World Bank

Feeling insecure, consumers stick to frugality

CEOs lay off thousands, rake in millions

How to keep your employees engaged


  Obama: 'There better not be an enthusiasm gap'

Eugene Robinson, columnist for The Washington Post, shares his analysis of President Obama's effort to energize the Democratic base, particularly young voters.