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Latinos not integrating as well as some immigrants: study

Latinos lag behind other immigrants in weaving themselves into the fabric of American society, according to a study released on Monday. Full story

Obama assembles all-star cast to talk immigration

His immigration overhaul stalled, President Barack Obama is enlisting an array of voices, including Latino entertainment and media stars, to help jump-start legislation and reassure crucial but restless Hispanic voters that he has not abandoned his campaign pledge to change the law. Full story

Working women better educated than men: Census

A higher percentage of U.S. working women have college degrees than working men, the Census Bureau said on Tuesday in a report on American educational attainment. Full story

Latino vote broke records in 2010 elections

In a sign of their growing clout at the ballot box, a record 6.7 million Hispanics turned out to vote in last year's midterm congressional elections, according to a study released on Tuesday. Full story

Record number of Latinos voted in US last year

More Latinos than ever voted in the November 2010 election as a relatively young population reached the voting age, a fresh sign that the fastest growing U.S. minority stands as a formidable force in electoral politics. Full story

Ariz. deputies rapped in immigration raid case

A judge ruled Monday that deputies violated the rights of two men who were detained during one of the workplace raids the Phoenix area's sheriff uses to enforce immigration laws. Full story

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Meeting needs of Tenn. Hispanics takes creativity

Claims process to open for Hispanic, women farmers

Census: Hispanics surpass blacks in most US metros

Hispanic growth key to suburban Chicago changes

Obama woos Hispanic vote on education

Many Hispanics remain cool to organ donation

New milestone: 1 in 6 US residents is Hispanic

Hispanic students now majority in Texas public schools

Census shows more Hispanics in South Carolina

Older Latino Men Lack Depression Treatment


  Census shows Hispanic population growing

A political panel talks about the Republican fear of a larger Hispanic voter demographic.

  One in 6 Americans are now Hispanic

The latest census report shows the Latino population in America is spiking, with states like Alabama, Kentucky and North Carolina seeing the number of Hispanics doubling since previous years.

  Hispanic population growth reflects diverse nation

According to the latest census figures, the Hispanic population now accounts for more than half of the total growth in the U.S. population. NBC's Kristen Welker reports.

  March 24: Nightly News Thursday broadcast

Taking charge in Libya; Libyan rebels brace for showdown; Syria admits to 'mistakes' in protest crackdown; Tokyo still tepid about water safety; Hispanic population growth reflects diverse nation; Giffords 'starting to process' tragedy, says husband; Dozing air traffic controller suspended

  Census reveals fastest growing states

New Census numbers show the Southwest to be one of the fastest growing areas in the U.S. with Hispanic being a major reason for that growth. What impact will that have on the 2012 presidential election and President Obama’s reelection chances.

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