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New risks to eating red meat

A long term study from the Harvard School of Public Health shows people who increased the amount of red meat they ate over time also increased their risk of getting type two diabetes. Full story

Eating more red meat tied to higher diabetes risk

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Increasing the number of hamburgers and other red meat people eat on a daily basis is linked to a higher risk of developing diabetes down the road, according to a new study. Full story

Red meat linked to heart disease

   A new report from the Cleveland Clinic suggests a link between the consumption of red meat and heart disease due to a nutrient call carnitine. NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports.

NYT: Study points to new culprit in heart disease

Full story

Fox News: Obama is ‘lazy’

   Co-host of MSNBC’s The Cycle Toure joins Rev. Al Sharpton to talk about life in the Fox News bubble and the recent remarks by Fox News President when he called President Obama “lazy,” spending more time on basketball and golf than anything else.

GOP ‘built’ around out-of-context remark; Tampa’s black Mormon birther delegate

   The Atlantic’s James Fallows, Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart, and Lehigh University’s Dr. James Peterson discuss whether you can build a big tent campaign around an inaccurately edited line uttered by the President – and Capehart reports on the black, Mormon birther Ron Paul delegate he met at

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