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Wiesenthal Center official acquitted of libel

A court in Hungary has acquitted the head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center Jerusalem office of libel in a case filed against him by a former Hungarian police officer recently indicted for war crimes. Full story

UN rights chief: Misrata attacks may be war crimes

The U.N.'s top human rights official says Libyan government forces may be committing war crimes by using heavy weapons against civilians in the besieged port city of Misrata. Full story

Hungarian man charged with WW2 war crimes in Serbia

A 96-year-old former Hungarian officer has been charged with involvement in the killing of about 1,000 civilians in Serbia during World War Two, the Budapest Prosecutors' Office said on Monday. Full story

Accused Nazi dies just before U.S. citizenship trial

Accused Nazi war criminal Peter Egner, suspected of helping commit genocide as a transport guard for mobile gas chambers and Auschwitz-bound death trains during World War Two, has died before he could be brought to trial next month. Full story

U.S. to help Bangladesh conduct 40-year-old war crimes trials

The United States will help Bangladesh stage "open and transparent" trials for crimes against humanity committed during the 40-year-old Bangladesh war for independence, a visiting U.S. envoy said on Thursday. Full story

EU takes new step on Serbia bid, warns on war crimes

The European Union moved closer to starting membership talks with Serbia on Wednesday but its top enlargement official said that further progress depended on the arrest of remaining war crime fugitives and on key reforms. Full story

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8-year sentence for Gitmo's 'child soldier'


  Supermodel testifies at war crimes trial

Naomi Campbell testified that after a charity dinner in South Africa she was mysteriously given diamonds, used to fund war in Sierra Leone, by two men working for former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor. NBC’s Martin Fletcher reports.

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