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Power in Northeast seen as adequate this summer

The supply of electricity this summer will be adequate in the Northeast even if the region experiences prolonged heat waves or power is interrupted, a not-for-profit group that promotes power reliability said Tuesday. Full story

Northeast wind power developer forms partnership

A Massachusetts-based wind energy developer with extensive operations in Maine has formed a partnership with two Canadian utilities to own, operate and construct large-scale wind farms in the Northeast. Full story

Experts: Rising temperatures boost bedbug threat

The Northeast's bedbug problem is expected to worsen this summer as temperatures rise and vacationers increase traffic in hotels, entomologists and pest-control experts say. Full story

New Hampshire is first in Northeast to pass right-to-work

The New Hampshire Senate on Wednesday passed its version of a right-to-work bill by a veto-proof majority, Senate staff said, a move that would make it the first state in the Northeast to pass this type of law. Full story

Government releases $311 million home energy aid

The Obama administration is releasing $311 million to states to help poor families struggling to pay high home energy bills. Full story

Spring roars in like a lion across US

   There's snow on the ground in the Northeast, it's hailing in Washington, D.C., and temperatures are hitting record highs in California. NBC's Kristin Welker has more on the unpredictable weather.

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April Fools' storm threatens 'major travel disruption'

Bites: What's that vegetable? The stunning watermelon radish

Northeast Dems assail Obama's heat aid cuts

Up to 10 inches of snow set for Northeast

Blizzard takes bite out of retail sales

Blizzard delays $1 billion in retail spending


  Extreme weather rocks East Coast

A late morning storm blew across central Florida on Thursday, while parts of the Northeast are bracing for snow. The Weather Channel's Chris Warren reports.

  Feb. 20: Nightly News Sunday broadcast

Libya counts dead as eyes turn to Tripoli; As shutdown odds grow, lawmakers point fingers; Snow takes aim at Northeast, again; Hospital looks to combat ‘alarm fatigue’; Who made the cut for the ‘people’s wedding’?

  Snow takes aim at Northeast, again

Just days after reveling in spring-like temperatures, the winter-weary Northeast is bracing for a reminder of just what season it is. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports.

  Northeast crumbles under weight of snow

A big problem in the massive snow storm that has hit the Northeast is collapsing roofs.  NBC’s Peter Alexander reports on the warning signs of this problem.

  Storm leaves Northeast coated in ice

From the Big Apple to New England, roadways and sidewalks have been turned into skating rinks as the Northeast braces for more bitter cold and snow. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports from Boston, Mass.

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A horse with a frost-covered face stands in a pasture on Monday, Jan. 24, 2011 in Calais, Vt. Bone-chilling cold has prompted schools around the Northeast to delay openings and some canceled classes altogether on Monday.