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Study backs new drug for typhoid in poor countries

A large trial comparing treatments for typhoid has backed the use of gatifloxacin, an antibiotic launched by Bristol Myers Squibb in the United States but withdrawn amid worries about side effects. Full story

China cites positive impact in first report on aid

China defended its often-criticized role as a foreign aid donor Thursday, saying its assistance boosts developing countries and provides an alternative to Western donors who impose more conditions on recipients. Full story

IMF criticizes response to overheating risks

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The International Monetary Fund on Monday criticized developing countries for not responding strongly enough to the surge of hot money into their markets, saying the result could be a hard economic landing. Full story

US agrees to global vaccine-sharing deal

Virus samples will be shared globally in exchange for vaccines produced from them under a landmark deal to improve preparedness for a flu pandemic, diplomats at the World Health Organization said on Saturday. Full story

G-24 developing countries boast of strong growth

Developing countries say they are maintaining strong economic growth in contrast to the United States and other advanced nations where unemployment remains high and the outlook is sluggish. Full story

Virtual Economy Is Cash Cow for Developing World

Online gamers immersed in fantasy worlds supported a very real virtual economy worth more than $15 billion worldwide in 2010. But some also used the shadowy gaming services of so-called "gold farmers" – mostly Chinese and Vietnamese players who sell in-game resources to those lacking time or patien Full story

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Study: 2 million babies stillborn every year

More than 2 million babies stillborn every year

IMF: Turmoil shouldn't derail economic recovery

World stumbles toward climate summit

Midwife shortage costs over a million lives

Developing nations' rise poses risks for rich ones

U.S. Lags Even Developing World in Using Cell Phones as Wallets

NYT: Right way to spend money when traveling?

Reform could harm developing economies: World Bank

Rising status of women linked to more smoking


  Turlington wants to deliver safe motherhood

After her own difficult labor, model Christy Turlington Burns became an inspired activist for safe childbirth in the developing world. She spoke with NBC's Brian Williams about her new documentary "No Woman, No Cry."

  Aflac posts profit beat thanks to Japan

Daniel Amos, Aflac chairman & CEO, discusses how stronger premium growth in Japan boosted earnings in the second quarter and explains why guidance for the third quarter will likely fall short of expectations.