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Mom's age at puberty may influence kids' size

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Why are some children taller than others? It seems their height might be linked at least partly to how old - or young - their mom was when she got her first menstrual period. Full story

Repros gets clearance for new trial of Proellex

Repros Therapeutics Inc. said Friday that regulators will allow it to conduct a new study of its drug candidate Proellex, which has been stalled for almost a year because of concerns about its effects on the liver of patients. Full story

FDA OKs new drug for heavy periods

Federal health officials have approved a new drug as the first non-hormonal treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding. Full story

The Pill makes women pick ‘dad’ over the ‘cad’

The birth control pill may have done more than just help liberate women — it may also have changed “the laws of attraction” between the sexes, according to a new study. Full story

Secret to feeling sexy: It's all in the mind

Feeling sexy seems elusive and unpredictable, but experts say there are ways to make desirability attainable and down-to-earth. Full story

I really think your ringtone is clever ... no, really

While working at a weekly newspaper in Wisconsin, Angela Kargus became intimately acquainted with a co-worker's personal life. Kargus learned about her fertility problems, that her dog urinates all over the carpet and that she does indeed have a regular menstrual cycle. Full story

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