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TODAY Moms: What to do with the little Houdini in your back seat

Parent-drivers beware: Kids as young as 1 are putting themselves in danger by unbuckling themselves from their car seats, a new study finds. Full story

10-year-old runs booming toy business

   Parents of a 10-year-old CEO quit their jobs to help with daughter's booming internet toy business. WDIV's Steve Garagiola reports.

Parents of twins slightly more likely to divorce

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Parents of twins may be slightly more likely to get divorced than parents without twins, according to a new study. Full story

Award-winning music program faces cuts

   Parents and teachers at Walter Reed Middle School in Los Angeles sing the praises of their award-winning program, which now faces an uncertain future as its two directors were issued pink slips. The program is one of the latest victims of California's ongoing education cuts.

Special needs teen punched, video posted

   Parents push for harder punishment after bully punches special needs teen, and posts the video on Facebook. WTVA's Kalisha Whitman reports.

‘Volunteer cuddlers’ soothe tots with right touch

   Parent’s can’t always be there to hold their children who are in the hospital for an extended period, but as KNBC’s Jennifer Bjorklund reports, that’s where a core of helpers steps in.

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Toddlers' sleep, eating problems often go together

TODAY Moms: New advice on fevers: Ride it out

Even kids who play sports don't exercise enough

Accepting Parents Boost Mental Health of LGBT Teens

Parental food nagging may produce fussy eaters

21 safest booster seats revealed with new ratings

Parents go overboard to help college kid get job


  Backlash continues over classroom sex demo

Parents of students at Nortwestern University complain about a live sex deomonstration during a school-sponsored event. WMAQ's Natalie Martinez reports.

  Baby loves grapefruit? You bet!

Parents share some grapefruit with their 10-month-old daughter and post her reaction on YouTube.'s Dara Brown has the story.

  Bus driver drops rowdy riders at police station

Parents in Pennsulvania are outraged that their kids walked home after a school bus driver dropped rowdy junior high students at police station. WPXI Vince Sims reports.

  Hot holiday toy alert: Sing-A-Ma-Jigs

Parents, you better scour the aisles of your local toy store now because chances are these cute little guys will be gone come December. TODAT’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb take a look.

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