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U.S. differences on abortion widen along regional lines: survey

(Reuters) - U.S. attitudes on abortion are split along regional lines, and opposition to legal abortion has grown in some parts of the South while Americans in the Northeast and on the West Coast still strongly favor abortion rights, according to a new study.Full story

Poor count estimates plague fisheries

What science says about the number of fish in the waters off New England shapes the rules that govern the region's struggling fishing fleet. And lately for key species, those estimates have been way off. Full story

PFT: PFT Live: Does Manziel’s skill outshine off-field antics?

Mike Florio answers calls and tweets from PFT fans and wonders if the “Patriot way” superseded sound football decisions in New England, how the Bears’ defense may lack without Brian Urlacher and if Johnny Manziel is hurting his draft stock with his headline-making off-field antics.     Full story

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Does Manziel’s skill outshine off-field antics?

Regional traffic violation costs

Vermont officials get revenue update

PFT: Donald Jones scheduled to visit Colts, Titans

AFC North Preseason Capsules

Heat propels New England power use to new record

NE grid manager: Conserve during heat wave

U.S. Northeast has enough power for second day of heat wave

New England states get labor grants

Weeklong heat wave taxing New England power grid


  High heat to bake East Coast for days

There will be anywhere between six to seven days of searing heat on the East Coast where temperatures are reaching the mid-90s. Heat advisories will be in effect across much of the northeast into New England. Meteorologist Janice Huff reports

  ‘People need to be seeking cover right now’

Meteorologists are tracking a possible tornado moving into Moore, Okla., as well as other systems moving through the state. Authorities have already closed down a stretch of I-35 where some people were stranded. Long-lived violent and dangerous tornadoes are expected to sweep through the region. And

  Will Chafee's party switch impact RI politics?

The Gaggle discusses Gov. Chafee’s party switch and has an overall talk about regional politics and give their shameless plugs.

  'Painstaking work' ahead for Boston Marathon investigators

NBC News Terrorism Expert Michael Leiter explains investigators search through photographs and video as looking for "a needle in a haystack" in piecing together who's responsible in the bombing at the Boston Marathon.

  Severe weather hits Northeast and South

The last day of winter leaves with a wallop as New England wrestles with heavy snow, and storms bring heavy rain, winds and power outages. Chris Clackum reports.

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These are 1984 FBI handout photos of New England organized crime figure James J. "Whitey" Bulger. Bulger has been a fugitive from the law since January 1995, after being indicted on federal racketeering charges.

  Paul Bremer's art

Paul Bremer, the American diplomat who succeeded Saddam Hussein as the effective ruler of Iraq, is now a painter of New England landscapes.

Chickens stand in their cages at Maine Contract Farming, Thursday, July 1, 2010, in Turner, Maine. New England's largest egg farm is taking steps to show it has improved care of its hens after reaching a settlement over allegations its birds were mistreated. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

Clouds associated with a cold front stretch from New England through the Gulf of Mexico in this NOAA satellite image
Clouds associated with a cold front stretch from New England through the Gulf of Mexico in this NOAA satellite image

This NOAA satellite image taken Monday, April 1, 2013 shows an area of cloudiness stretching from New England through the Gulf of Mexico associated with a cold front. Rain and thunderstorms will move eastward along this boundary. Cooler air will push southeastward as this boundary moves off the coas