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Little evidence Tamiflu works, report says

British researchers say there is little evidence Tamiflu stops complications in healthy people who catch the flu, though public health officials contend the swine flu drug reduces flu hospitalizations and deaths. Full story

Permanent heart pump aids survival

   A miniature heart pump called the “Heart Mate 2” could become a permanent treatment for some heart failure patients, a new study suggests. Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports on this as well as  upcoming vaccines and how some pharmacies are charging three times the going rate for liquid Tamiflu in “The Dail

Swine flu scams lurk on the Web, FDA warns

Federal officials have warned promoters of more than 140 products sold over the Internet about fraudulent claims that they can prevent, treat or diagnose swine flu. Full story

Tamiflu scams

   Oct. 16: The FDA is cracking down on Web sites selling fake Tamiflu and other H1N1 flu drugs. Dr. Nancy Snyderman talks with’s Bob Sullivan about how to tell real medicines from

Beware of flu scams

   Oct. 16: The Food and Drug Administration is announcing a crackdown today on products that claim to prevent, diagnose and treat swine flu. FDA Commissioner Dr. Peggy Hamburg talks with the TODAY hosts about why you need to watch if you’re thinking about buying Tamiflu.

Drug-resistant swine flu may have spread

U.S. health officials are reporting what may be the first instance of a Tamiflu-resistant swine flu virus spreading from one person to another. Full story

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Officials: Tamiflu for the ill, not a preventative

Q&A: Expected flu surge raises big questions

Japan reports 3rd case of resistant swine flu

Campers masked, quarantined for ‘Swine '09’

Tamiflu-resistant swine flu case seen in Canada


  Drugs don’t stop swine flu

Sept. 9: The CDC says that antiviral drugs like Tamiflu don’t prevent someone from getting swine flu. How should it be treated? Dr. Nancy Snyderman gets an update on the H1N1 vaccine trials from infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci.