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  Levi Johnston talks new book

Bristol Palin drops virginity bombshell in new book

  In her new memoir, the daughter of Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin talks about an incident during a camping trip that is raising some big questions about her relationship with Levi Johnston.

Bristol Palin’s ‘Journey,’ in hardback

  Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, is coming out with a memoir, “Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far,” in which she dishes on ex-fiance Levi Johnston and more. NBC’s Lee Cowan reports.

No block party for Will Smith's trailer

  Will Smith may be filming "Men in Black III" in Manhattan, but his massive, double-decker personal trailer is no longer welcome to take up residence on the city's streets. And in other water cooler news, find out why Facebook deactivated Mark Zuckerburg's account and check out the cover of Levi John

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  Levi to pen tell-all Palin book

Down to the Wire: Levi Johnston writes a tell-all book about…yep…you got it…Levi Johnston, Lindsay Lohan gets a standing ovation on Leno, motorcyclist survives a car crash and proposes to his girlfriend.

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