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  FAA approves flying car

The reality of flying cars

Flying cars have long filled our fantasies. That fantasy may will become a reality within the next five years. These  six designs might someday soon send you soaring over traffic jams. Full story

'Flying car' goes to market

A Boston-area company plans to begin flight tests this year of a two-seater airplane that moonlights as a car. Full story

Driving the friendly skies

  Jan. 13: A team in Britain is hoping to fly from London to Timbuktu in a flying car they call the Parajet Sky Car.'s Keva Andersen reports.

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Terrafugia Transition
Terrafugia Transition

A prototype of what is billed by its makers as the world's first practical flying car took to the air 27 times in a series of test flights during the spring of 2009. The engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who built the Terrafugia Transition prefer to call their flying car a roa

Milner AirCar
Milner AirCar

Jim and Chris Milner, the father-son team behind the Milner AirCar, have their eyes on commutes of up to 1,000 miles. The four-door, four-seat roadable aircraft has a foldable main wing in the rear that slims down the vehicle to a street-legal 7 feet wide for trips to and from the nearest airport. O

Parjet Sky Car to launch 14 Jan
Parjet Sky Car to launch 14 Jan

The Parajet Sky Car flying over the Sahara desert. The launch of the world's first road legal, bio-fuelled flying car on it's maiden voyage from London to Timbuktu will take place January 14, 2009.