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NYT: Delay on radiation report troubles Japan

Japanese officials struggle to explain why it took them a month to disclose large-scale releases of radioactive material in mid-March at a crippled nuclear power plant. Full story

Scientists find way to map brain's complexity

Scientists say they have moved a step closer to developing a computer model of the brain after finding a way to map both the connections and functions of nerve cells in the brain together for the first time. Full story

Pluto may host an ocean

Freezing, distant Pluto seems an odd place to look for oceanfront real estate, but if a new computer model is correct, the dwarf planet harbors a sizeable pool of liquids beneath its thick icy shell. Full story

Scientists explain parting of the Red Sea

   A new study by a group of scientists using computer simulations suggest that strong persistent winds could have shifted the depth of water enough to bend and part the Red Sea.

Thanks to high-tech, storm track easier to predict

Sophisticated computer models that replaced instinct with cold, hard math have helped forecasters predict where a storm like Hurricane Earl is going about twice as accurately as 20 years ago. Full story

Computers take a closer look inside the Earth

More detailed pictures of the processes that continuously reshape the Earth from the inside out are being generated by new, more sophisticated computer models, yielding new insights into the hidden world beneath our feet. Full story

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  Quant Funds Falling Out of Favor

Once seen as cutting edge, quant funds, which use complicated computer models to invest, have seen a major downturn. Maggie Stumpp, of Quantitative Mgmt. Associates, and Irene Aldridge, of Able Alpha Trading, share their insights.

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