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  Financials: The Right Plan?

SEC Gives Shorts a Wedgie

  The SEC is expected to expand limits beyond what was initially targeted, with Michelle Caruso Cabrera, Sue Herera, Dennis Kneale and Bill Griffeth

Lawmakers trade barbs over BofA, Merrill deal

A senior House Democrat said Tuesday the government didn't force Bank of America to take over Merrill Lynch, but Republicans charged that a inquiry was part of a cover-up. Full story

Bear Stearns Hedge Funders Not Guilty

  The only people to be brought to trial for their role in the financial downturn so far have been acquitted. Jacob Frenkel, a former SEC attorney, shares his reaction.

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House panel OKs giving SEC more power

JPMorgan paying $700M to settle SEC charges

Madoff: I had ‘too much credibility’ with SEC

Lawmaker proposes changes for rating agencies

Regulator: Derivatives plan needs to go further

Judge’s rebuke is latest setback to the SEC

SEC defends $33M settlement with B of A

Madoff ‘got away lucky’ in ’06, watchdog reveals

Mark Cuban wants SEC to pay his legal fees

Investors just won’t let ‘zombie’ stocks die


  Regulation Revolution

It's a perilous time for hedge funds and private equity firms, Paul Atkins, former SEC commissioner, told CNBC.

  Madoff mocks the SEC’s incompetence

Nov. 2: Convicted swindler Bernie Madoff, in a jailhouse interview with investigators, he says he was stunned that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission didn’t catch him. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports.

  Madoff Latest

The SEC denies comment on Bernie Madoff's claim that Mary Schapiro was a dear friend, reports CNBC's Scott Cohn.

  Galleon's Widening Probe

CNBC's Charlie Gasparino has the details on Silicon Valley executives that are being investigated by the SEC.

  SEC Inspector General on Madoff Probe

The SEC inspector general says there is no evidence of a relationship between Bernie Madoff and SEC chair Mary Schapiro.

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