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Pro golfer targets diabetes in Indian communities

Professional golfer Notah Begay III is fighting the growing problem of diabetes among Native-American youth, saying the disease could ultimately cost tribes their future leaders if nothing is done.Full story

In Nicaragua, a potter's wheel keeps tradition alive

Court affirms exclusive Native American use of eagle feathers

Jesuits settle 500 abuse cases for $166 million

Maine official forced out for race, other remarks

A Maine cabinet member who was forced out after offending rural residents, African-Americans and Native Americans all in one day said Friday that some of the comments attributed to him were misconstrued and others he didn't even say. Full story

Travel Picks: Top 10 desert city destinations

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - Beaches are heating up but for real heat without the cooling influence of the sea, head for the desert or a city near one. Online travel advisers Cheapflights ( offers its top 10 desert city destinations. Reuters does not endorse this list: Full story

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North Dakota lawmakers vote to keep "Fighting Sioux"

Obama backs U.N. indigenous rights declaration

How genocide wiped out a Native American population

Diverse cultures influenced New Mexico art


  Anti-Obama right panics over Native American takeover

The latest bogus right-wing anti-Obama fearmongering story is a concern that President Obama's honorary membership as a Crow indian and a new UN charter on the rights of indiginous people is actually a sign that Obama plans to give the United States back to Native Americans.

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Barack Obama
Barack Obama

President Barack Obama speaks before he signs the Claims Resolution Act of 2010 which settles long-standing lawsuits by African American farmers and Native Americans against the federal government, in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, part of the White House complex, in Washington, Wednesday

1966On a visit to London, Sonny and Cher became hippie-fashion icons during the heyday of Carnaby Street mod. "We were part of a movement before there was a name for it," she says. These Native American-inspired duds were the work of Nudie, the Hollywood tailor who created Elvis Presley's famous go

The first Thanksgiving
The first Thanksgiving

This traditional depiction of the first Thanksgiving in 1621, created by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris in 1932, shows Pilgrims and Native Americans sitting down together for a meal.

Devil's Tower National Monument
Devil's Tower National Monument

epa02282011 Devil's Tower National Monument turns orange with the warm light of sunset in northeastern Wyoming, 10 August 2010. Devil's Tower which is a geological phenomena was formed about 500 million years ago when molten magma cooled underground and fractured into columns. The tower which is sac