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Pentagon says new media rules are no "iron curtain"

The Pentagon acknowledged on Tuesday confusion over new rules guiding the U.S. military's engagement with the media but said they would not create an "iron curtain" curtailing reporters' access at a crucial moment in the unpopular Afghan war. Full story

Lockheed wins $522 million F-35 contract

Lockheed Martin Corp has won a contract valued at $522 million for long-lead work and materials for production and delivery of a fifth batch of 42 F-35 fighter planes, the Pentagon said on Tuesday. Full story

Correction: WWII Remains Returned story

In a story July 3 about the Pentagon's announcement of the discovery of remains of seven U.S. servicemen from World War II, The Associated Press reported erroneously that the men served in the Air Force. They served in the Army Air Forces, which predated the Air Force, which was created in 1947. Full story

Gates wants military interviews with press cleared

Military officials will need Pentagon clearance for interviews and other dealings with reporters, according to an order from Defense Secretary Robert Gates not long after the top general in Afghanistan was fired for his comments in a magazine article. Full story

EADS chief hopes to win tanker

The head of Airbus parent company EADS NV said Saturday that he hopes to win a $35 billion Pentagon tanker project despite a WTO ruling that European governments gave Airbus illegal subsidies. Full story

U.S. Air Force and Navy see savings in joint drone work

The U.S. military could save hundreds of millions of dollars as result of a unique decision by the Air Force and Navy to jointly base, control, train and maintain high-altitude unmanned aircraft built by Northrop Grumman Corp, senior officials said on Thursday. Full story

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House approves money for Afghan surge

Boeing buys Argon for $775M as military shifts

Lawmaker group, hostile to EADS bid, cites WTO

Kirk apologizes for being 'careless' on his record

Air Force in nearly $1 billion software deal

Pentagon unsure of timing of U.S.-South Korean exercise

Pentagon launches affordability push for weapons

Pentagon eyes arms program cuts

Lockheed Martin spent $3.46 million lobbying in 1Q

Boeing spent $4.1M lobbying government in 1Q


  Soldiers may get medal for not firing

The Pentagon is considering a new medal that soldiers could be awarded for showing "courageous restraint" by not firing on civilians. Medal of Honor winner ret. Col. Jack Jacobs calls the proposal a terrible idea.

  Palin takes on the U.S. Army

The former Alaska governor has expressed her concern that the Army disinvited evangelical preacher Franklin Graham from a Pentagon prayer breakfast because of his hateful comments about the Muslim faith. Rev. Barry Lynn joins for discussion.

  Northrop Grumman Still in the Game?

The Pentagon says the rules for the $35B tanker contract that Northrop Grumman won are ambiguous and fair, reports CNBC's Jane Wells.

  Military hospitals to stock morning after pill

The Pentagon on Friday ordered all U.S. military medical facilities around the world to stock emergency contraception amid increasing concern over a rise in the rate of pregnancy among female soldiers. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

  Clipping the wings of C-17s

Fleecing of America: The Pentagon says it wants to stop buying C-17 planes, but congress just voted to build 10 more—at a cost of $2.5 billion to taxpayers. NBC's Lisa Myers reports.

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