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5-lb. Kokanee salmon breaks 1973 record at Lake Tahoe

A California man has landed the biggest Kokanee salmon ever caught at Lake Tahoe, breaking a record that stood for four decades.Full story

Mother killed after daughter hits her with watercraft

A mother was killed yesterday at Lake Tahoe after her daughter hit her while they were both riding watercraft, according to National Department of Wildlife. Full story

Remote Control Submarine to Explore Lake Tahoe

(KCRA)  Gordon Seitz, an earthquake expert with the California Geological Survey, expressed excitement about a first-of-its-kind exploration taking place below the surface of Lake Tahoe on Thursday."Oh yeah, there's not too many chances to get that new discovery," Seitz said.Seitz said a specially d Full story

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Packers LB Hawk further fuels rivalry with Jennings and Vikings

Urlacher: I'll Be Mad If The Bears Win the Super Bowl

Urlacher: Packers team to beat in NFC North this year

New Desti App Delivers Optimal Travel Planning

Goldfish influx threatens to cloud pristine Lake Tahoe waters

Monster Goldfish Found in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe overdue for an earthquake


  Exploration of Lake Tahoe’s fault lines

Researchers from Northern Illinois University send a submarine to the bottom of Lake Tahoe to survey the risks of a future earthquake and tsunami. The mission is also serving as a trial run for a possible exploration of Antarctica’s aquatic environment. KCRA’s Mike TeSelle reports.

  Peek inside homes of John McCain, Annie Liebovitz

TODAY real estate contributor Barbara Corcoran shows off some celebrity homes currently for sale, including John McCain’s property in Phoenix, Ariz., and photographer Annie Liebovitz’s home in New York City’s West Village.

  Lake Tahoe invaded by non-native giant goldfish

California’s Lake Tahoe is one of the country’s most beautiful and clearest lakes, but scientists are becoming alarmed that it may be threatened by warm-water giant goldfish that are thriving as the lake has gotten warmer over the past decades. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

  Mutant goldfish discovered in Lake Tahoe

Scientists believe the massive goldfish may be the result of aquarium dumping, and could threaten the ecosystem of the lake. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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Handout photo of Researcher Christine Ngai with a Lake Tahoe goldfish
Handout photo of Researcher Christine Ngai with a Lake Tahoe goldfish

Researcher Christine Ngai is seen with a Lake Tahoe goldfish in 2009, in this handout photo courtesy of the Tahoe Environmental Research Center at the University of California Davis. REUTERS/Tahoe Environmental Research Center/University of California Davis/Handout

Snow is piled on a Lake Tahoe beach in Sand Harbor
Snow is piled on a Lake Tahoe beach in Sand Harbor

Snow is piled on a Lake Tahoe beach in Sand Harbor, Nevada February 3, 2012. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith