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Satellite images: 350 buildings burned in Sudan

A Southern Sudanese official says 20 people were killed in a village attack in which an advocacy group says satellite images show more than 350 structures were burned, and officials said Wednesday that three people died in a separate incident after their vehicle struck a land mine near a disputed re Full story

Iraq suffers from heavy legacy of unexploded mines

Twenty-five percent of the world's unexploded land mines are buried in Iraq, making it one of the most contaminated countries, the environment ministry said Tuesday. Full story

Bid launched to curb bomb use hitting civilians

Humanitarian groups launched a campaign on Wednesday to persuade governments and rebels in conflicts worldwide to move toward abandoning the use of explosive weapons in populated areas. Full story

U.S. halts use of long-life landmines, officials say

The U.S. military has stopped using a type of land mine often condemned as a long-term threat to civilians and has ordered its stock of 1.3 million of the mines be set aside for destruction, officials say. Full story

Scars of war: Mine victims

   Land mines are exacting a terrible toll in Afghanistan -- even years after some devices were planted. Meet some of the people whose lives have been shattered in an instant.

Landmine kills 14 in Cambodia

Fourteen Cambodians have been killed by an anti-tank land mine left over from years of war that went off when they were traveling down a remote road, police said on Wednesday. Full story

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Land mines shifted by Bosnia flooding


  Portugal Next in Line for Bailout?

For investors, Portugal is just one market that's turned Europe into a virtual mine field. Tendai Musikavanhu, of Old Mutual Global Index Trackers, and CNBC contributor Ron Insana discuss.

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