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Oil below $113 as traders eye dollar, bin Laden

Oil prices fell below $113 a barrel Tuesday as a stronger U.S. dollar made crude more expensive for investors with other currencies and markets appraised the impact of Osama bin Laden's death. Full story

Ahead of the Bell: Oil supplies expected to rise

The Energy Department is expected to report a 1.6 million-barrel increase in crude oil reserves on Wednesday for the week ended April 22, according to a survey by Platts, the energy information arm of McGraw-Hill Cos. Full story

Strange Science: Heaviest Bit of Antimatter Discovered

Physicists have detected the heaviest bit of weird antimatter ever found -- a nucleus that is the antimatter partner to helium. Full story

Crude oil supplies drop by 2.3 million barrels

The nation's crude oil and gasoline supplies fell last week, the government said Wednesday. Full story

Feds pledge $2.1B loan for Calif. solar project

The U.S. Department of Energy has pledged a $2.1 billion loan guarantee to support a California solar thermal power plant that is expected to create more than 1,000 jobs and avoid hundreds of thousands of carbon dioxide emissions annually. Full story

Newest Cold Fusion Machine Does the Impossible ... Or Does it?

Ever since cold fusion's first proponents were laughed out of town in 1989, the alternative nuclear energy method has been, in the words of one physicist, "a pariah field, cast out by the scientific establishment." Indeed, the underlying premise of cold fusion — the idea that room-temperature atoms Full story

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Hearing set in challenge to Los Alamos building

Algae: Biofuel of the Future?

Ahead of the Bell: Natural gas reserves

Federal labs in NM would not shut down

Ahead of the Bell: Natural gas supplies

US crude oil supplies grow by 2 million barrels

Ahead of the Bell: Oil supplies expected to build

Can Energy Innovation Learn From the Manhattan and Apollo Projects?

U.S. to deploy ground monitoring equipment in Japan: Chu

Gasoline cost to jump $700 for average household


  Republicans seek benefits of stimulus they opposed

Rachel Maddow relays the findings of a Wall Street Journal report showing many Republicans who insited publicly that federal stimulus money would not create jobs promptly requesting money from the stimulus fund to help create jobs in their districts. Why can't Democrats take political advantage of t

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Jaguar supercomputer
Jaguar supercomputer

The Jaguar supercomputer at the Department of Energy lab in Oak Ridge, Tenn. The supercomputer is being tapped to help find child pornographers.