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Small-plane crash kills 14 in Honduras

A small Honduran commercial airliner crashed Monday near the capital, killing all 14 people aboard, including a high government official and a union leader, authorities said.Full story

Officials: Passenger jets may have been bomb targets

  British and American officials suspect that the powerful explosive devices were intended to explode aboard passenger aircrafts, though they say the perpetrators would have no way of knowing exactly where the bombs were when they were meant to detonate. NBC’s Pete Williams reports.

F-16s involved in near-miss with commercial jet

Two military fighter jets apparently flew higher than allowed and came so close to a commercial flight over southern Ohio this week that they triggered a cockpit alarm in the commuter plane, authorities said Friday. Full story

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  Planes to install stronger seats, airbags

June 30: New York Times reporter Matthew Wald discusses new FAA standards taking effect in October for all new commercial aircraft. The change is intended to make some aircraft crashes more survivable.

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