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Life-extending Drug May Also Combat Obesity

The compound resveratrol, which is present in red wine and gained fame for its supposed life-extending properties, might also help combat obesity, a new study in animals suggests. Full story

Visit Bordeaux to see where the wines come from

There's something noble about Bordeaux wines, and it's not just the proud heritage of their 100-year-old vines, their prominent place in viticulture history, or their world-renowned quality. Full story

Vine Talk: How to host a wine contest in your own home

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - Every so often, I host a wine contest at my home, and I'd encourage you to do the same: it's easy, it's pretty cheap for the host, and it's loads of fun. Full story

Vine Talk: Unconventional wisdom? Spicy crab and red wine

SINGAPORE (Reuters Life!) - When it comes to enjoying wine with bold Asian cuisines there really are no rules -- and certainly no room for the traditional notion of whites with seafood and reds with meat. Full story

Wine may be good for women’s waistlines

Light to moderate alcohol consumption, especially red wine, is not only good for a woman's heart, it's also good for her waistline, according to a study reported Monday. Full story

Curtis Stone’s vegetable fettuccine

Fettuccine doesn't have to be boring.  Chef Curtis Stone shows how to take some classic recipes from ordinary to extraordinary. Here, he shares recipes for vegetable fettuccine with butternut squash and white wine sauce along with his orange and dark chocolate mousse. Full story

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Red wine or white? Which makes teeth a fright?

Chris Kimball's delicious beef burgundy

Sauvignon blanc: A perfect white for fall meals

How to catch some shut-eye at 35,000

With a chill in the air, a hearty red wine

For a lunch party, crab cakes and crisp wines

Can a fancier glass add class to your wine?

These lighter white wines are hardly lightweight

Viniculture becomes refuge from recession

Muscadet magic: Summer’s underrated white


  Sensuous wine and chocolate combos

Wine expert Paul Grieco tempts the palates of TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and Al Roker with romantic pairings of these traditional Valentine’s Day treats.

  Find the perfect wine for everyone on your list

Dec. 16: Wine expert Bobby Stuckey shows the TODAY hosts some excellent wines that are perfect to give as gifts this holiday season.

  Quick fixes for Thanksgiving messes

Nov. 12: Julie Edelman, author of “The Ultimate Accidental Housewife,” shares tips on dealing with Thanksgiving mishaps.

  Love red wine? Add it to pasta

Oct. 28: Chef Michael Chiarello cooks up a delicious and unique pasta dish using red wine.

  Wine Sales Slump

Wine lovers are cheering lower prices, with CNBC's Jane Wells and the Power Lunch team.

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Assistant wine maker Jacob Holman shows students in the University of MIssouri's first Wine School a cap irrigator used in red wine fermentation.

Man pouring wine
Man pouring wine

A man fills a glass with a red wine during the annual Winery 2009 international wine fair in the central Bulgarian city of Plovdiv on March 18, 2009. More than 300 companies from 19 countries are participating in the 17th consecutive edition of the exhibition, which is held at the Plovdiv fair. AF