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What does NFC mean for mobile payments?

Just for a moment, think about how many purchases you make in a single day, either with cash or card. Train tickets. Car parking tickets. Breakfast. Coffee. Lunch. Candy from a vending machine. Dinner. Imagine if you had the option of never using a credit card ever again — imagine if you could do awFull story

Vino pairings for vending machine treats

  Think cheap, convenience eats don’t go well with sophisticated spirits? Think again! Food and Wine’s Ray Isle pairs everything from chips to beef jerky with exceptional wines.

Vending machine cravings cracked!

  TODAY’s diet and nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom talks about which vending machine foods are the healthiest.

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Japanese vending machines mine new territory: gold

No Twinkies? Vending machines go organic

Congress sends child nutrition bill to Obama

Hubris — and late fees — doomed Blockbuster

Pennsylvania introduces first wine ‘kiosks’


  Tot gets stuck in toy claw machine

It took rescue workers an hour to free the 3-year-old Australian boy from the toy vending machine. Alex Witt reports.

  Vending machine sells gold in Vegas casino

The Golden Nugget casino in Las Vegas has unveiled a vending machine that spits out gold. KSNV's Gerard Ramalho reports.

  Vending machine sells live hairy crabs

Refrigerated subway vending machines in Nanjing, China, offer riders fresh, live hairy crabs. CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla takes a look.

  Wal-Mart to Install Wine Vending Machines

Select Wal-Mart stores will install wine vending machines. CNBC's Tyler Mathisen has the details.

  The Vending Machine Money

Is there a way to get a piece of the more than ten million dollars worth of quarters that will pass through vending machines across America? Insight with Jim Iuorio, TJM Institutional Services.

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A student stands near vending machines at the University of Arkansas Clinton School for Public Service in Little Rock, Ark., Wednesday, May 3, 2006. The vending machine is stocked with baked and healthier snacks while the beverage machine is stocked with bottled water, fruit juice and sugar-free dri

Egg Vending Machine
Egg Vending Machine

Apparently, you can find anything in a vending machine in Japan. I found this small tent with a refrigerated vending machine. Each small compartment contained a bag of eggs, probably 10 or 12. The cost was 300 yen, or about $3. The eggs are from a nearby farm, and the farmer fills the machine dail

TO GO WITH Lifestyle-Japan-retail-vendin
TO GO WITH Lifestyle-Japan-retail-vendin

TO GO WITH Lifestyle-Japan-retail-vending-machines,FEATURE by Miwa SuzukiThis photo taken on August 25, 2010 shows wrapped banana in a vending machine in Tokyo. Dole Japan, Ltd. turned heads when it set up a banana vending machine at a Tokyo train station in June, selling chilled bananas for 130 ye

TO GO WITH AFP STORY "Espagne: lait frai
TO GO WITH AFP STORY "Espagne: lait frai

TO GO WITH AFP STORY "Espagne: lait frais en machine pour répondre à la chute des prix"View of a fresh milk vending machine taken in Salt, near Girona, on April 24, 2009. Fresh milk vending machines that sell milk coming directly from farms have been installed through Spain in an attempt to reduce