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  ‘Underwater ballet’ of robots at work on spill

Swiss team postpones solar plane night flight

Preparations for the world's first solar-powered round-the-world flight hit a major snag Thursday when the Swiss team behind the project was forced to postpone a 24-hour test flight because of an equipment problem. Full story

Soyuz Spaceship Moves to New Docking Port After Delay

A Soyuz spacecraft took a short flight outside the International Space Station Monday to move to a brand new docking port, but only after Mission Control solved a circuit breaker glitch that delayed the space parking spot swap. Full story

Russian Spacecraft Delivers New Crew of 3 to Space Station

This story was updated at 9:59 p.m. ET. A Russian Soyuz spacecraft linked up with the International Space Station Thursday with two American astronauts and a Russian cosmonaut aboard on a mission that doubled the outpost's population and may see the last NASA shuttle flight ever to visit the orbitin Full story

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Russian Soyuz returns from space station mission

Spacewalking ‘superhero’ untangles cable

Spacewalkers get the job done despite outage

Apollo 13: The Real Story

Astronauts play April Fool’s trick in orbit

Spacewalking astronauts become plumbers

First Monarch butterflies in space take flight

Discovery and crew aim for Thursday landing

Astronauts complete third and final spacewalk


  Apollo 13: The Real Story, Part 4

Mission control, the crew and their families are forced to make critical decisions.

  'Houston, we've had a problem' explained

Flight Controller Sy Liebergot, and astronauts Jack Lousma and Joe Kerwin take us behind the scenes at Mission Control after one of the most famous lines in NASA history: "Houston, we've had a problem."

  Atlantis astronaut is new dad

Nov. 22: Atlantis astronaut Randolph Bresnik is a new dad, announcing the birth of his daughter, Abigail, on NASA's airwaves. NBC's Jay Barbree reports.

  Challenger: Ice on shuttle before launch

After several weather delays, Mission Control decides the Shuttle Challenger is ready for launch, but just minutes after they knew something horrible had happened.

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Phoenix Mars Lander scientists celebrate landing at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California
Phoenix Mars Lander scientists celebrate landing at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California

Phoenix Mars Lander scientists Ed Sedivy Phoenix spacecraft manager, Lockheed Martin and Phoenix principal investigator, Peter Smith of the University of Arizona celebrate after the Phoenix Mars Lander spacecraft landed successfully in the first-ever touchdown near Mars' north pole at the mission