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  What is a swipe fee?

Have a question on new bank fees? Let us know

Banks are losing billions due to new credit card legislation. And now they're making up the loss by charging consumers new -- and higher -- fees. Have a question? Let us know and TODAY contributor Jean Chatzky will answer them this morning after 9:30 a.m. Full story

Wages targeted in aggressive debt collecting

  As creditors forcefully garnish wages of delinquent borrowers, watchdog groups and lawmakers question such practices, concerned that debtors are being ripped off. TODAY financial editor Jean Chatzky offers advice.

Can going paperless make you happier?

  TODAY’s financial editor Jean Chatzky says that e-statements from your bank are more convenient, reduce clutter, and can even relieve stress.

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  Is $10,000 hiding in your closet?

Clothing you no longer wear, jewelry from old flames, furs and art could net you some extra cash. TODAY’s financial editor Jean Chatzky shares tips for selling off some of your old stuff.