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Stomach illness reported in 15 states

  Federal health officials now say at least 372 confirmed cases of cyclospora food poisoning have been reported since mid-June. In Iowa and Nebraska, prepackaged salad mix is being blamed for the outbreak. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

Herb Kaplow, NBC veteran, dies at 86

  Herb Kaplow, who covered the Nuremberg trials, the Cuban Revolution and the civil rights movement, has died at the age of 86. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

William Scranton, former Pa. governor, dies at 96

  The former Pennsylvania governor, who also served as a UN ambassador, lived outside the city that bore his family name. He died Sunday in Montecito, Calif. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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Brian Williams of NBC News.
Brian Williams of NBC News.

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NBC's Brian Williams
NBC's Brian Williams

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