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  Ignatius: Day for celebrating defeat of adversary

Bites: Julia Child's covert work for the government

Before she brought French cooking to American homes, the  fabulous, spunky Julia Child actually did covert work for the Office of Strategic Services (a U.S. intelligence agency that was formed during WWII). Full story

U.S. agencies say Libya attack may awaken al Qaeda

Al Qaeda has not so far taken advantage of the upheavals in the Middle East but the militant Islamic group may do so if the U.S.-led campaign in Libya does not end quickly, U.S. intelligence agencies say. Full story

President Obama Q&A, Pt. 2

  President Obama answer questions about Gaddafi's son's promise to squash the rebels, a U.S. intelligence official's statement that Gaddafi would likely persevere, consumers and oil prices, long-term debts and deficits, reform in the Middle East, as we...

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Analysis: U.S. officials see low risk of Saudi upheaval

Spy chiefs defend Mideast work but miss Egypt call

Concerns grow over Egypt's WMD research

U.S. vows to improve industrial base for space

Intel warned on Egypt instability at end-2010

Has intelligence community gotten too large? 'Best spies are people, not machines'

Intelligence director Dennis Blair is resigning

Panel: Security failures repeated after Sept. 11


  Feinstein on Egypt: ‘There no real warning’

With Egypt’s revolt entering its third week, top lawmakers are questioning why U.S. Intelligence agencies failed to give President Barack Obama or Congress earlier warnings of Egypt’s unrest. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., discusses.