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A new way to find rare gamma-ray star twins

Astronomers have discovered a rare binary star system by following its powerful gamma-ray signal — a find that may remove the element of luck from locating more its kind, a new study reveals.Full story

Surprise discovery: Two planets, two stars, one system

Two massive Jupiter-like planets were recently discovered orbiting around two extremely close sister stars an unexpected find, given the disturbing gravitational effects within most binary star systems that usually disrupt planets from forming. Full story

People-rating Web site stirs controversy

  A new Web site,, allows users to anonymously criticize people and rate them on a five-star system. And, as NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reports, critics say the lack of control can lead to some alarming on-line material. In addition, Internet safety expert Parry Aftab shares her take o

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Artist's conception of a "blue straggler" star
Artist's conception of a "blue straggler" star

An artist's conception showing a so-called "blue straggler" star being created by stealing mass from its partner in a binary star system. Soon the giant star will donate the remainder of its envelope, leaving only the half-solar-mass white dwarf core as the companion to the blue straggler.