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US attorney general: bin Laden operation lawful

Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress on Tuesday that the killing of Osama bin Laden marks historic progress by the U.S. government in protecting the American people from terrorism. Full story

Same-sex civil unions defeated in Colorado legislature

Supporters of same-sex civil unions in Colorado on Friday vowed to keep fighting after a bill that would grant certain legal rights to gays and lesbians was defeated by a Republican-controlled committee in the state legislature. Full story

House votes to extend key Patriot Act provisions

The House agrees to a 10-month extension of three key provisions of an anti-terrorism law in a vote taken a week after  they initially failed to gain passage. Full story

Extension of Patriot Act provisions fails in House

The House on Tuesday rejected legislation to extend for nine months three key surveillance tools that are part of the nation's post-Sept. 11 Patriot Act. Full story

Patent reform, privacy on Sen. Leahy's agenda

The Senate Judiciary Committee will take another crack at overhauling the nation's patent laws and look at ways to protect consumers' privacy, the panel's Democratic chairman, Senator Patrick Leahy said on Tuesday. Full story

In Congress, a harder line on illegal immigrants

The end of the year means a turnover of House control from Democratic to Republican and, with it, Congress' approach to immigration. Full story

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Dems use Kagan to get voters, raise funds

Bipartisanship lives where rancor rules


  Kagan hearing focuses on Judiciary

Senator Amy Klobuchar talks with Rachel Maddow about the confirmation process for Supreme Court Justice nominee Elena Kagan.

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House Reps. Announce Bill To Repeal Defense Of Marriage Act
House Reps. Announce Bill To Repeal Defense Of Marriage Act

WASHINGTON - SEPTEMBER 15: Openly-gay politician Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) delivers remarks about legislation to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act during a news conference with House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) and married same-sex couples outside the U.S. Captiol September 15,