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Some blacks see racism in 'birther' questions

Shortly after President Barack Obama declared himself an American-born citizen with papers to prove it, Baratunde Thurston declared himself a disgusted black man. Full story

Maine official forced out for race, other remarks

A Maine cabinet member who was forced out after offending rural residents, African-Americans and Native Americans all in one day said Friday that some of the comments attributed to him were misconstrued and others he didn't even say. Full story

Blacks with liver cancer get fewer transplants

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - African Americans with liver cancer are less likely than whites to get a transplant for the disease, according to U.S. researchers. Full story

The Last Word: Okla. lawmaker's apology not enough for NAACP

Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern says her words were "not spoken correctly" and is apologizing after making comments that implied African-Americans and women in general make less money than white men because they don't work as hard. Full story

Is push for ‘show ID to vote’ voter suppression?

   29 states have adopted or are considering laws that would require citizens to show a government-issued ID before they cast a ballot. But there are approximately $21 million people – like college students and African-Americans – who do not have a current government photo ID. The Advancement Project C

Newspapers, websites lacking diversity in sports

Some 320 websites and newspapers that belong to Associated Press Sports Editors slightly improved their racial hiring practices last year, according to a study released Wednesday, though they failed again to make any strides in gender hiring for key newsroom positions. Full story

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Mother sues over picture in anti-abortion ad

Maternal mortality rises in California

Minorities more willing to spend all for cancer care

California may add gay history to textbooks

Black women's hair loss tied to braiding, weaving

Study: Blacks in DC less likely to use hospice

Blacks seek new clout in once-white suburbs

Rare anti-slavery booklet acquired by U.Va.

GOP: Illegal immigrants taking minorities' jobs

Blacks' higher cerebral palsy risk, birth weight tied


  Obama to re-energize African-Americans

African-American voters helped catapult President Barack Obama into the White House in 2008 and now he’s pulling out all stops to get them back to the polls in 2012, but will it be enough? Author Sophia Nelson discusses.

  Race relations, Trump-style

Takedown: Ed Schultz talks about “The Donald’s” comments on African-Americans.

  Where is the leadership?

Are too many African-Americans putting all expectation on President Obama? Cornel West, Rev. Al Sharpton, Velma Hart, and Robert Traynham of the Comcast Network get into a heated debate.

  Jim Brown: Focus on at-risk youth

Football hall of famer and founder of Amer-I-Can Jim Brown, a non-profit that focuses on education of at-risk youth, says addressing family and community issues will also improve the opportunities for young African-Americans.

  Politics and the black agenda

Have the recent political debates brought to light issues African-Americans care about? Marc Morial, president and CEO of the National Urban League, Democratic strategist Karen Finney and NAACP’s Ben Jealous discuss.

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